Uganda National Budget 2012/13

Uganda National Budget 2012/13

On January 5, 2018 | UGANDA’S ECONOMY

The 2007/08 National Budget: Priorities for Renewed  Economic Growth and Development Ugandan Finance Minister Honourable

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Research results that stimulate debate

Our research results are meant to inform and shape public debate. Current priority is attached to research results that contribute to a better understanding of the existing (and anticipated) barriers and constraints to participation of African counties in regional and world trade, the factors affecting domestic revenues, and the options available for policy-makers on revenue mobilization; the nature and implications of government expenditures and sovereign debt; industrial competitiveness, illicit capital flows, job creation strategies, and impact of climate change.

Shaping a coherent energy policy in Uganda

The high cost of electricity in Uganda has prompted a passionate debate among politicians and industry representatives, on how power generation and transmission capacity should be expanded in order to satisfy increasing demand and reduce the cost of doing business. The ongoing research focuses on ways to achieve cost reduction and efficiency in the energy sector and the business model that serves the industry.

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