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Industry, Finance and Investment

It is impossible for large numbers of people to be lifted out of poverty without sustained growth, and impossible to have sustained growth without a vibrant private sector, and equally impossible to have a vibrant private sector without a robust financial sector and an attractive investment environment.

The Research Agenda
The Industry, Finance and Investment research programme focuses on

Constraints to private sector development and competitiveness;
The effectiveness and scope for policies and programme to improve performance and competitiveness of agriculture, manufacturing, services, energy, mineral, oil and gas development;

Factors driving structural shifts in production and export spheres and the economic and social implications of such transformation, and the analysis of changes in energy policies with a focus on production and household impacts;

Agriculture and food security (sustainability) – food standard regulation and conformity to SPS requirements, and Labelling, intellectual property rights in the context of seed and inputs (and how these international commitments – TRIPS- Agreement, UPOV 78/91 Agreements; have been implemented in these countries?

Financial inclusion (including mobile banking, or access to basic payments and depository services through mobile phones) and how they hinder or contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction;

Contemporary issues in banking regulation (financial regulations) and constraints to development of the capital markets;

Illicit financial flows and the links between capital flight and natural resource extraction.