Labour Markets, Poverty Reduction and Development – Institute of Policy Research And Analysis

Labour Markets, Poverty Reduction and Development

A key challenge that all African countries face is how to create sustainable jobs and opportunities that draw people in from unemployment and under employment , and poverty.

Programme Research Agenda
This research programme contributes to a better understanding of

The prevailing employment scenario and policy response to it

The extent to which the current employment/unemployment scenarios are shaped by national labour policy, and the extent to which the national labour policy is driven by international commitments;

Labour market dynamics, interaction of labour supply and demand, including firm employment demand, labour market policies;

Agriculture and the labour markets – strategic agricultural value added and marketing issues associated with poverty reduction;

Job creation and poverty reducing employment strategies (e.g. innovation funds and youth livelihood project in Uganda and recipients’ abilities to use them),

Implications of changing demographics, youth unemployment, labour-migration, and international commitments (e.g. commitments under the GATS and regional protocols on trade in service);

The linkages between macroeconomic policies, shocks and poverty reduction;

The impacts of social protection system, including direct income support for the poorest and most vulnerable.

The nexus between natural resources extraction, economic growth, sustainable development and poverty