What We Do – Institute of Policy Research And Analysis

What We Do

The Institute’s work falls into three distinct fields: policy-oriented research; capacity building; and advisory services.

About The Institute

Our Research

The Institute runs four core research programmes: Trade and Economic Integration; Public Finance and Fiscal Affairs; Investment, Financial Markets and Private Sector Development. In all fields, the analytical approach is strongly rooted in applied quantitative methods. Our research findings are based on rigorous analysis, detailed empirical evidence, and in-depth knowledge of Africa’s economic and political environment and communicated to a wide range of audiences. Our first audience is the government policymaker, who needs the information for decision making. Other stakeholders are the legislators, business and civic leaders, management and staff at international organisations, university-based scholars, research institutions, non-governmental organisations, the media, and the general public, both in Uganda and around the world.

Training and capacity building

Training and capacity building

The Institute offers short courses of 1-2 weeks on Trade Policy – to provide a solid foundation of knowledge on the WTO/regional integration issues to government officials and members of the private sector, civil society, academia and the media, aimed at enhancing their capacity to contribute to regional and global trade policy debates and to defend their national interest in international trade talks and disputes.
Trade Negotiation Skills training – to equip government officials and trade related stakeholders in negotiation and trade analysis skills.

Budget Analysis, to equip members of civil society organisations, parliamentarians, district council leaders and researchers with skills to analyse budget policies and to improve budget processes and institutions.
Research method and policy communication – to provide researchers with proven options for undertaking research and for communicating their research findings to policymakers.

Advisory services

Advisory services

In addition to its research and capacity building activities, the Institute is committed to promoting social and economic development through its extensive consulting services. These services are offered to governments, international development agencies and other public and private bodies on a variety of development policies and programmes, spanning fields of investment, trade and economic integration, tax policy and administration, revenue risk management, planning and public expenditure management, poverty and social protection financing, labour and employment.

The experience gained in advisory work helps to strengthen the Institute’s research and capacity building activities and in addressing contemporary issues facing African countries.